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Screen Printing or Embroidery?

How many, what kind, what color, and what delivery date?

Art location (left chest or full front, anything on the back? etc…) and number of ink colors.

And the FUN part:

A description of your artwork idea.  SEND IMAGES if you have them.  We will be glad to create artwork for you but we need to know what’s in your head… use as many describing words as possible (ex:  girly, masculine, curly, classy, retro, bold, simple, fancy, clean, squigglyish.  Also give us your target market… 7 year old boys like different artwork than college girls, etc…  we want to create art for you that’s special and UNIQUE so let us know what you want, and we’ll try to exceed your expectations!

We really do want to make it easy for you!  We will send a price quote and/or ask any additional questions we have within 1 business day!





26 comments on “Contact Us! 24-7 online
  1. DianneW says:

    Do you do ball caps? I would like one man’s red cap embroidered with ” Wish You Were Hair”
    Need before October 17.
    What would the price be?
    Thank you!

  2. Mandy Richards says:

    I have a women’s sleeveless vest that I want monogram. How much do u charge for 3 letter monogram?

  3. Abby Agnew says:

    I am a 2nd year Doctor of Audiology student at Auburn, and I would like to know if you all are licensed with Auburn. If so, I would love to talk with you all about a couple of comfort color t-shirt designs, game-day buttons, half zip pullovers, spirit jerseys, and sweat pants for our AuD. students. Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Hannah B says:

    Hey. I was wondering if a t-shirt order had to be done online (via email) or can I come up to the store and discuss a shirt?

  5. stevetrain says:

    Hi BBoss, We will email you shortly and will probably need more information. Thanks for your interest in Tiger Town!

  6. BAMABOSS says:

    how much do you charge to put a team logo on a car seat cover

  7. Henley says:

    i have two blank adidas football jerseys that I’m wanting to put numbers on. one is scarlet red and the other is white. are y’all able to put numbers and last names on jerseys? i would like to have the numbers/name stitched on if possible. the number on the front of the jerseys would need to be 10 inches and the number on the back of the jerseys would need to be 12 inches. I’m wanting to put white numbers on the scarlet red jersey and scarlet red numbers on the white jersey. if possible please let me know asap. thanks

  8. Jennifer says:


    I would like a price quote for 150 shirts screen printed,1 color large crescent moon and stars on front of shirt. The shirt will be red. Due by 7/3/14

    • stevetrain says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      I’ve forwarded your information and Emily will email you soon with pricing. Thanks for letting us quote this for you, we appreciate it!

  9. Alesha says:

    Do you guys screen print bags?

    • stevetrain says:

      Yes we do Alesha. Email us at and let us know what kind of bag you are looking for, how many you need, when you need them, and what artwork you would like printed on them and we will get you a price quote. You can also click our catalogs page and look for yourself or we can do the research. Thanks for the business!

  10. Henry Hendeson says:

    I have a shirt with embroided letters on it. The shirt is way too big! Is it possible for you all to remove the letters and place them on a smaller shirt?

    • stevetrain says:


      We can sometimes remove embroidery but there will be tiny holes where the thread was. Swing by anytime between 9am and 6pm M-F and we will take a look at it for you and see what can be done. I sent you an email as well so let us know if you have any other question. Thanks for your interest in Tiger Town Embroidery & Screen Printing, we appreciate it.

  11. Emmaree says:

    Can you embroider an Auburn jersey with a specific number and last name ?

  12. Karen says:

    Please contact me about an order for OHS. Do you accept PO’s?
    Can you send me by email a draft before you print? Thanks!

  13. stevetrain says:

    We do aprons, let us know how many you need and how many colors the print will be and we will get you a quote today! To reply click the “Just send us an email” link above or copy this into your email program —->

    Thanks for your interest!

  14. Patrice says:

    Do you all do screen printings on aprons? & if so do you all sell purple aprons?

  15. Jordan says:

    Do you guys do monograms? Like if I bring something in can you monogram it?

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